What is your dearest wish for your voice? What do you dream of being able to express with your voice? What if, through the liberation of voice, we can liberate ourselves, accessing a deeper potential for ourselves and the world?

Maybe you wish to expand your vocal capabilities as an actor. Perhaps you wish to find your unique voice in your own songs and music.  Maybe you are seeking access to the voice within you that reflects who you truly are. Or perhaps you want to explore your voice as channel of the divine.


Working to find liberation within and through the voice can be a deeply vulnerable yet fulfilling process. It also can be incredibly fun.  And there is no denial of how healing it can be to discover and free our instrument.  Personally, I describe the process as magical.  Indeed, working with your can be a transformative process.

I see it as relationship building with your voice.  We must learn how to listen to and get to know our voice. Within the voice, we can embrace and learn from the comfortable easy spaces, as well as the seemingly troublesome, cracked, and deeply informative spaces.  As that relationship grows, we can begin to explore the vast geography of the voice, with all the sounds it can make, and all the places it can go.

It is my honor to be your guide in this process.  I combine voice science with vocal approaches from the theater with singing technique so that you can safely access new places in your voice.  It is my goal to facilitate a safe space for your exploration so that, if you wish to do so, you can open your heart and sing.

Everyone can sing.


(Images by Chani Bockwinkel)