What a year!

Last year, I had a fantastic post-baccalaureate year at George Washington University. I loved the faculty, my fellow students, and the opportunity to engage with some voice research.

Then, I spent the summer in Salt Lake City, Utah. Through the National Center of Voice Science, and University of Utah, I became a trained vocologist, and had the opportunity to work with the worlds leading voice scientists. I also met many other voice nerds, and learned and grew a lot.

Now, it is the fall, and I am beginning my actual graduate work at University of Pittsburgh, where, once again I will work with leading voice scientists.  So, I have relocated once again – and to a place that feels so right for me.

I am very fortunate to get engage with so many leaders in this field, and I am excited about what is to come next….

Big Changes!

After many years of teaching, singing, and Performing in Austin, Texas, I have moved to the Washington DC area.  The hardest part about this transition was saying goodbye to my community and to all of my wonderful students.

Why the big change? The biggest reason is that I received some funding to go back to graduate school in Speech – Language Pathology at George Washington University.  Faculty at GWU are leading the research in transgender voice. I also am interested in exploring my theories of the healing potential of working with the whole voice.

In other words, I intend to deepen the work I am already doing.

If you are in the Austin area, and interested in resources for voice-work, especially if you part of the transgender or gender variant communities, please get in touch.  Before I left, I worked intensely with four of my long-term students to pass on what I know about teaching, especially as it relates to gender.  They will be carrying on, and further developing the work.  Email me: wendy@transformativevoice.com for more information.

Goodbye Austin!  I miss you already, and thank you for everything!

-Wendy Vastine

Explore the voice. Explore the self.


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Working with the voice can be a deeply personal, magical and transformative process.  Among other things, this work can be source of creativity and empowerment.  In working with the voice for others, I aim to facilitate the discovery of their truth and their dreams.

While I very much enjoy working with professional performers, this work is for EVERYONE.   I have a special love of working with the queer community, especially with folks who are transgender or gender-queer.  I also work a lot with activists as well as artists.

For me, voice work has helped me to find clarity and possibility in myself, as well as in all areas of my life, and it my dearest wish to share this with others.