Gender Affirming Voice

I work extensively with people on trans spectrum on their speaking and/or singing voices. I work with your needs and desires and tailor the lessons to meet your individual goals. Ultimately, I work with you to liberate your truth your voice, so that your voice is more resonant with gender identity.

If you are interested in working on your speaking voice, it is possible that insurance will cover that work.  I am primarily doing this work at San Francisco Voice and Swallowing, where I direct Passaggio, the gender affirming voice program.  Please contact them at (415) 839-8639 to set up an appointment.

Here at Transformative Voice, I work with many trans, nonbinary and/or gender nonconforming people on their singing voice.  I tend to work with people who wish to expand the flexibility of their voice, explore the voice-soul connection, work with emotions such as grief and voice, or otherwise unleash their mystical gender magic through the voice.

Over the past decade, I have worked with the transgender and/or non-binary community through private lessons, small group lessons, and occasionally larger group classes. As a professional performer who creates their own work, I trained professionally in voice and acting and movement at New York University: Tisch School of the Arts.  Committed to ever deepening my voice work, I continue to train with members of the Human Voice world, in the vocal lineage of Roy Hart and Alfred Wolfsohn. I also am a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist, meaning I also evaluate, and treat voice, swallowing and upper airway disorders, and continually learn from the most up to date research. Equally important is my rich and ongoing spiritual practice and training.  Through my work with the voice, I combine science, art and spirituality.

I also am trans non-binary myself, and have found that it is within my voice that I can be the most free. Within my voice ALL of who I am can be present. I am committed to the work of gender liberation and overall social justice, and I find the voice is a teacher of and a key to liberation.


Image by Chani Bockwinkel