Transgender and/or Non-Binary Voice

I work extensively with people on trans spectrum on their speaking and/or singing voices. I work with your needs and desires and tailor the lessons to meet your individual goals. Ultimately, I work with you to liberate your truth your voice, so that your voice is more resonant with gender identity.

Over the past decade, I have worked with the transgender and/or non-binary community through private lessons, small group lessons, and occasionally larger group classes. As a professional performer who creates their own work, I trained professionally in voice and acting and movement at New York University: Tisch School of the Arts. I draw most heavily on two of the approaches learned there: Linklater Voice, and Roy Hart Theatre Voice Work. Committed to ever deepening my voice work, I continue to train with members of the Roy Hart Theatre.

I also am non-binary myself, and have found that it is within my voice that I can be the most free. Within my voice ALL of who I am can be present. I am committed to the work of gender liberation and overall social justice, and I find the voice is a teacher of and a key to liberation.


Image by Chani Bockwinkel