Transgender and Gender Queer Voice

I work extensively with the gender variant community. Whether you are transitioning male to female, or female to male, or whether you identify as gender queer, gender fluid, a-gender, or another gender identity, I work with your needs and desires and tailor the lessons to meet your individual goals. Ultimately, I work with you to liberate your truth your voice, so that your voice is more resonant with gender identity.

We will use a mixture of speaking and singing approaches to the voice to explore the following areas:

1) Release and Relaxation:                                                    a) undo the ways in which unwanted gender assignment currently manifests in the voice
b) undo tension in the voice
2) Develop a relationship with your voice:
a) cultivate the inherent wisdom of your voice
b) liberate your true voice (as it resonates with your gender identity)
3) Pitch:
a) find ease and strength in voice at higher and/or lower pitches
b) expand the range
4) Breath:                                                                                    a) Find a deeper, fuller, centered breath                    b) unlock and connect with emotional truth
5) Resonance:                                                                              a) explore and separate different areas of resonance in your voice                                                          b) mix/ blend these to find resonance that is congruent with your identity
6) Intonation:
a) discuss gender norms around intonation
b) negotiate if and how you want to incorporate those norms into your communication
7) Non-verbal communication
a) examine gender norms for non-verbal communication
b) negotiate if and how you wish to incorporate
8) Integration
a) integrate the tools of all the above-mentioned areas
b) explore the voice and its potential at greater depths
c) work with your dreams of how you wish to manifest your truth through your voice

For years, I have worked with the transgender and gender variant community through private lessons, small group lessons, and occasionally larger group classes. As a professional performer who creates their own work, I trained professionally in voice and acting and movement at New York University: Tisch School of the Arts. I draw most heavily on two of the approaches learned there: Linklater Voice, and Roy Hart Theatre Voice Work. Committed to ever deepening my voice work, I continue to train with members of the Roy Hart Theatre.
In addition, I identify as gender-fluid (and use they/them pronouns for myself.) While I do not face all the same struggles and forms of oppression as someone that someone who is transgender, there can be some commonality and/or similarities in terms of some experience. And otherwise, I am constantly learning and growing as an ally to the transgender community, and am committed to the work of gender liberation and overall social justice.