Wendy Vastine first became interested in the voice as a transformative vehicle, while getting a degree in Drama from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, in the Experimental Theatre Wing.  It was there that Wendy first trained in the Linklater and Roy Hart approaches to the voice, both of which continue to inform their teaching.  Wendy received their masters degree in Speech Language Pathology from University of Pittsburgh, and continues to study with members of the Roy Hart Theatre,

Wendy has taught voice to professional actors, and non-actors, children and adults. They have done a lot of work with trans and non-binary community.  Wendy also has also taught within the theatre, activist, and LGBTQ community and has taught classes, workshops, and private lessons in San Francisco, Austin, and rural Tennessee, Berlin, Toulouse, and London.

Both a solo and collaborative performer, Wendy has collaborated with the Generic Ensemble Company, the Left Feet Dance Collective, We Players, Psychopomp and Circumstance, and more. Manifestations of Wendy’s long term solo performance: The Psychopomp Project has appeared in San Francisco, Austin, as well as in Germany and France.