I am not a ‘typical’ voice teacher.

These days, most people working with me as a singing coach are interested in exploring spiritual and emotional expression through the voice.  Instead of seeking to control the voice, we work to liberate and learn from it.  In doing so, we open up possibilities of vocal expression and connection that may have not been previously imagined.

My primary inspirations come from my life-long experience as a professional actor, extensive training in the Roy Hart/ Alfred Wolfohn lineage of Human Voice Work, as well as other approaches to voice for theatre. I also bring a solid foundation of voice science from my work as a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist.  My favorite part of working with the voice is the ability to move between the world of voice science to that of the mystical in one breath.

In our work, we can open beyond conventional understandings of range and can expand into what is sometimes called the extended voice.  Yet this voice work is not just about vocal gymnastics (though the ranges accessed through this work can be impressive), but about exploring the raw truth of our inner worlds, and connecting more profoundly with the world around us.

My work  bridges the intuitive and creative part of working with the voice, with voice science.  As a vocologist and Speech-Language Pathologist, my work is grounded in science as well as art, and heart.

Wendy singing

(Image by Phil Timberlake.  Performance at the Centre Artistique du Roy Hart. Malerargues, France.)