The Psychopomp Project

Psychopomps walk in between worlds, most commonly to conduct souls from the land of the living to the land of the dead.  Their other magic powers include shapeshifting (changing form), facilitating change, and healing.  Often they are tricksters.

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(Image by Kanou Aiana)

How does western society, particularly in the United States, deal with death?  How doesn’t this culture deal with death? Until we can learn to accept, embrace, and move through this process, we are unable to truly transform.  Death is also change.  It is a transition.  It is what leads to rebirth.  Once we as a culture can confront death we will be able to transform for the better, achieve social justice.

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One goal of the Psychopomp project, is to create a safe enough space for the us (the performer and audience) to confront death, to heal from loss, and engage in a dialogue about what change means, so that the performance experience is transformative for all.  Through this project, I aim to dialogue with our  culture about death, and thus find windows of healing throughout our daily lives.

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(Image by Joe Petruzzi)

This performance explores and bends the boundaries between worlds, between gender, between privilege and oppression, between audience and performer, and more.  It is a performance that varies each time it occurs, by incorporating what the audience brings. It sets up and breaks expectations, surprises, charms, seduces, and turns reality inside out.  It is full of songs, stories, tricks, otherworldly beings, and most importantly magic.

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(Art by Danny Miller)