“As a trans woman, what held me back from starting voice lessons at first was a fear that it would feel inauthentic or performative. With Wendy’s instruction, not only have I enjoyed every lesson, but I’ve freed up my voice to shift higher in a way that actually feels more natural than my habitual voice. Fantastic teacher and I can’t recommend them highly enough.” – S.C.

“Wendy showed me what was possible with my voice. I now have tools I can use to access my vocal and personal power.” – T.W

“I’m transgender and recently began transitioning from male to female. I felt it was an important step in my transition to work with someone who could help feminize my voice in a healthy and natural way, so was very pleased to find Wendy. They’ve proven to be a knowledgeable, patient, sympathetic, and often funny voice teacher who has been a wonderful guide in this journey toward a voice that sounds more like… me. :)” – R

“Wendy is the real deal.
As a performer and a collaborator they are a committed and curious individual and these same traits make them an excellent voice instructor. They apply a rigor to their research and practice that enables them and others to take creative risks. Wendy trusts their students, collaborators and theirself which allows us all to take off and explore uncharted territory. I have been lucky to be a student of theirs and a theatrical research partner, and in both realms there is a horizontal nature to power that Wendy offers lets the work evolve without judgment or censor. As a professional, Equity actor I feel lucky to have a collaborator and voice teacher in Wendy and get pleasure from watching their work progress and soar. I highly recommend working with Wendy if you are looking to root your voice in practice, breath, self and space through practical tools and generous support.” -M.H.D.B

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