October 7- November 11th, 2019:   Group Voice Class                                          Berkeley, CA

  • “Singing the Sacred: The Vocal Bridge to the Soul”
  • Email to register


September 2019:        AAO-HNS Annual Meeting   2019                                 New Orleans, LA

  • “Caring for Transgender Patients: Focus on Voice Feminization”
    • Cultural Humility: Working with the Transgender and/or Non-Binary Community
    • Interdisciplinary Care: The Role of the Speech-Language Pathologist
  • Note: I will not be present in-person, but my material will be presented



August 2019:         Gender Inclusive Voice and Communication                           Denver, CO

  • 2 day-long CE intensive through University of Colorado Department of Otolaryngology
    • For Speech Language Pathologists and related Medical Professionals
    • Co-facilitator: Kevin Dorman CCC, SLP

March 2019             Transgender Singing Voice Conference                     Earlham College, IN

  • Voice Workshop: “Singing Beyond the Binary”
  • Lecture Presentation: “From the Voice Teacher to the SLP: Gender Affirmative Voice and Communication Training
    • Co-presenter: Kevin Dorman CCC-SLP
  • Lecture Presentation“Peer Based Voice and Communication Training: A More Appropriate Delivery Model”
    • Co-presenter: Yona Twena

March 2019:  CSHA Annual Convention                                                              Los Angeles, CA

  • “Individualizing Voice and Communication Training for Transgender and Non-Binary People”   3 hour short course
    • Co-presenters: May Teget, Judi Jewett CCC-SLP


February 2019:  CMC Trans and Singing Symposium                                   San Francisco, CA

  • Lecture:     “Transgender and Non-binary Voice: Pedagogy, Science & Speech Language Pathology”
  • Panelist: “Voice Pedagogy and Voice Science”
  • Panelist: “Panel Discussion with TIGQ Singers”


November 2018: ASHA Convention                                                                             Boston, MA

  • “Peer-based Transgender Voice and Communication Training:A More Appropriate Delivery Model?”
  • co-presenter: Yona Twena


October 2018: AAO-HNS Annual Meeting                                                                  Atlanta, GA

  • Panel presenter:   “Caring for Transgender Patients: Focus on Voice Feminization”
  • Co-presenters: Leah Helou, CCC-SLP, PhD, Abie Mendelsohn, MD, James Thomas, MD


April 13 & 14, 2018: Transgender Voices Festival                                                  St. Paul, MN

Featured presenter at the Transgender Voices Festival

  • “The Heights and Depths of Vocal Liberation”
  • “Voicing the In-Between: a Class for Non-Binary Singers”


July 27, 2016:  Summer Vocology Institute Performance Showcase

Performed Suitcases, and The Crone’s Tale from “The Psychopomp Project”

 October 30- November 2, 2014: “Ask the Psychopomp”

Written, Composed, Performed,
By Wendy Vastine

Directed by:
kt shorb

October 30- November 2nd: 9pm –the witching hour
Location: the Vortex Butterfly Bar – the Pony Shed.

The Psychopomp* is IN.
Ask a question. Roll the dice. The answer may arrive in the form of a song, a shift, a letter from the otherworlds, or some other form entirely.
There are many possible outcomes.
Even the Psychopomp cannot predict which will happen.
The outcome depends on you, your question,
and of course, the dice.

Stay for 5 minutes, or for as long as you want. Come and go as you wish.

Magical Dice built by: Kelly Mae Newhouse

October 1, 2014: “Song of the Psychopomp” Vortex Rep Theatre, Austin TX

January 2012:   FronteraFest Short Fringe:  “Ask the Psychopomp”

-December 31, 2011-January 1st, 2012  9:30pm- 1:30 am (San Francisco, CA)                                                                                           “Ask the Psychopmp”: Solo Interactive Performance Installation booth at 24th and Mission in San Francisco. This involved a dice and the choices and questions of one audience member at a time, as a means of informing what happened next: informing which character, song, story, question exploration, etc was to be performed and/or explored.  

-December 15, 2011 8pm (One World Theatre: Austin, TX)   The Present                                             “Psychopomp 2.73: the Presence” solo continuation of the Psychopomp Project, this time involving dance, storiy and song.   Dedicated to Gilbert F. Vastine

August 14, 2011 3-5pm (Toulouse, France):

Voice Workshop for the Queer and Activist Community

July 23, 2011: 6-7:30pm (Roy Hart Theatre, Malerargues, France):

Teaching Voice in the LGBTQ Community

(presentation as part of the Performance and Shadow Symposium)

July 20, 2011: 6pm (Roy Hart Theatre, Malerargues):                                Psychopomp  Solo Performance exploring the idea of the psychopomp, while looking at gender, the shadow, the voice, death, transformation, and the ability to shapeshift and walk in between worlds.   Performance is a part of the Performance and Shadow Symposium at the Roy Hart Theatre.

July 2, 2011: 8pm (Body Politik Contact Impro Camp, Germany):                Psychopomp  Solo Performance exploring the idea of the psychopomp, while looking at gender, the shadow, the voice, death, transformation, and the ability to shapeshift and walk in between worlds.

July 28-29th 2011: 3-5:30pm (Body Politik Contact Impro Camp, Germany):  Feminist/Radical Queer Voice Workshop