Singing The Sacred:

The Vocal Bridge to the Soul


Every Monday from October 7 through November 11,, 2019

6pm – 7:15pm

When we get out of the way of our voice, our hearts can sing, our gifts can flower, and our receptivity to the divine can open and expand. Working with the voice in this way can be deeply magical and profoundly healing.  We will explore our vocal depths, vocal heights, and begin to unlock the vocal in-between.  We will discover new places in our vast vocal geography, which can lead to range expansion, and vocal liberation. Most importantly, we will explore the meaning found within all these vocal places.

You will be asked to bring a song that speaks to your heart. You need not be able to sing it “perfectly,” in the “right” key, or even the “right” notes.  The song will most likely break open and serve as doorway to deeper soul meaning.

This class meets 1 night a week for 6 weeks. No prior experience is necessary.  Cost for the entire course is $200.00.  Email for registration.

This class will be held at a private location in Berkeley, California. The location will be shared  upon registration.  Please note that the space is not wheelchair accessible and getting to it involves one step down, and 2 steps up.